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Welcome to your Accountability Partner Program (APP). This program is perfect for those who want to change old habits, install new ones and/or be held accountable for working towards their goals.

Product Description

The Accountability Partner Program (APP) can be used for Health, Business or Relationships.  The idea is daily accountability to help keep you taking action and moving in the direction of your goals. The APP includes a 30-minute set-up call where you will come up with up to 10 daily habits and 4 goals that you want to focus on for the month.  Then every day (Mon-Fri), for a month, you will get on the phone for a short call where we run down the lists of daily habits to see if you’ve done them and ask you what you can do in the next 24 hours to work towards your goals and if you did what you said you were going to do on the previous call. At the end of the program, we do a wrap up call and help you set your next month’s goals.

In addition to our generic APP we have also created customizable programs for Total Health, Real Estate Agents and Professional Network Marketers.

The Accountability Partner Program (APP) for Total Health is designed to help you achieve health spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Based on a program designed by world renowned doctor of Integrative Health Psychology, Dr. Matt James, this program instills daily habits to balance each aspect of you. These daily habits, along with some slight mindset shifts are how hundreds of clients have achieved mastery of their health including our very own Alex Aanderud, who lost almost 100 lbs in just under a year.

This program is perfect for those who are looking to make health a lifestyle and not a temporary change.

The Accountability Partner Program (APP) for Real Estate Agents is designed to help you build your Real Estate business while maintaining balance in your life.  We will focus on lead generation, expanding your SOI, and cultivating relationships. We will also focus on balancing your time, prioritizing time for you and time for your family/social life. By focusing on action AND balance you will find more energy, more motivation, more drive to achieve your goal and build your business.

This program is perfect for Agents and Brokers who want to keep themselves on track, moving in a positive direction with focused and sustained energy.

The Accountability Partner Program (APP) for Professional Network Marketers is designed to help you build your Network Marketing Business.  In this program we focus on personal production, daily exposures, team growth, education/personal development and follow-up. Additionally, having worked with over 50 different MLM companies, we can help you integrate your company’s system to guarantee your success. As you set the example, your team will follow and continue to grow and build the residual income that creates time freedom.

This program is perfect for new network marketers looking for a workout partner or for Professional Network Marketers who are looking to explode their business and capitalize on their company’s compensation plan and incentives.

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    This program has been amazing. It’s surprising what a difference a 2-minute call can make!

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