ATTRIBUTE Assessment

Successful business owners and leaders must make decisions quickly and confidently.

Research shows when making decisions, we have a preferred “go to” process, which can be effective or ineffective, depending on the types of decisions required for the role.

The Attribute Assessment is a highly-validated tool showing how a manager or potential hire thinks and make decisions—allowing organizations to identify how well an individual’s decision-making preferences align with the current or intended role.

More than fifty years of scientific research has revealed humans have three distinct styles of decision-making dimensions:

  • Personal — Prefers to make decisions based on personal point of view, feelings, and needs of self and others.
  • Practical — Prefers to make decisions based on real-world, task-oriented thinking.
  • Analytical — Prefers to make decisions based on concrete facts and data.

Each of us can make decisions utilizing these three styles, but we tend to develop a preference for one over the other two. Our preference becomes a subconscious force, affecting our decision-making process and shaping how we perceive ourselves and others.

The Attribute Assessment is included with the DISC Plus Assessment and the ADVanced Insights Assessment.

The Attribute Index Profile is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman (Yale/MIT) and is a uniquely powerful tool for quantifying an individual’s competencies in more than 80 business-related areas. More than 30 validation studies make the Attribute Index Profile one of the most reliable profiles on the market today. Trusted for its accuracy worldwide, the Attribute Index Profile can assist your organization in hiring, developing, and retaining top talent.

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