executive roundtable

Have you been making decisions but you're not sure if they're the right ones? Don't be a leader in a vacuum.

The legacy of results Executive roundtable brings together successful CEOs, business owners and key executives into confidential peer advisory groups.

The Legacy of Results CEO coaches assemble and facilitates a confidential peer advisory board made up of a select group of 8 to 10 high-caliber executives. Each peer advisory board is specifically tailored to CEOs, small business owners, key executives or trusted advisors.

They’re purpose-built so that members can help each other to address their most pressing decisions candidly and draw on the experience of other executives who’ve faced similar situations. The role of the CEO coach is to ensure that the experience and wisdom of every member is applied in a meeting.

 Members across the globe count on executives in their peer advisory boards to provide fresh perspectives and new ideas to solve challenges and seize opportunities.

  • Expertly guided by a trained CEO Coach.
  • Confidential and private sessions with no direct competitors in each group
  • Tailored group for your size and stage of business.
  • Complimentary ADVanced Insight Profile
  • Monthly peer group meeting
  • Weekly 1 to 1 coaching session with CEO Coach
  • Annual strategic planning retreat
  • Complimentary Organizational Health Assessment

Executive peer groups are the foundation of your success as a leader

How is working in a peer group with a ceo coach different?

Expert CEO executive coaches, guide each group. They are at the heart of what makes the experience so powerful and so effective for so many members.

CEO coaches are a distinguished group of accomplished business leaders who have led organizations in a wide range of industries. Some have owned businesses, many have been CEOs of domestic and international companies, and all are united by a desire to share their insight and expertise to guide other business leaders on their path to personal and professional excellence through executive business coaching. Did you know that the best way for second-stage businesses to succeed is to harness peer wisdom and best practices?

Working in a vacuum is not only lonely, but it’s also not good business. Having a high-quality sounding board can provide those game-changing ah-has you need to beat the competition.

The combined benefits of a peer group and weekly 1:1 coaching

Members also meet for one-to-one executive coaching sessions where they receive valuable professional insight and mentorship. CEO coaches encourage and support members’ personal and professional growth, and hold members accountable for taking action on their goals. They help to develop their members and give back the knowledge they have earned through their own outstanding careers as CEOs, executives and business owners.

A CEO Coach delivers the greatest benefits of executive coaching

You can call them a CEO or an executive coach, but they are totally committed to the success of their members. Through their executive coaching services, they help stimulate thinking, frame issues, guide discussions and ensure accountability in the group. CEO coaches take on the role with the express purpose of helping others build great businesses.

Quantifying Human Performance

What really drives individual performance?

In order to truly understand what it takes to perform at maximum levels, you have to be able to measure the complete person. Organizations and leaders need to understand “what” natural talents a person has, “why” they are motivated to use them and “how” they prefer to use them. Achieving optimal performance requires the best alignment between these variables and the individual’s role and duties. 

  • WHAT – Natural talents based on how one thinks and makes decisions.
  • WHY – Deep conditioned motivators and drivers that affect engagement and passion.
  • HOW – Natural behavioral styles that control task completion, interpersonal interactions and direct job performance.

By better understanding these core drivers of performance, and utilizing this knowledge in hiring, team-building and leading individuals, it’s possible to position people for personal excellence and maximum job satisfaction and performance. The ADVanced Insights profile combines three of the world’s leading instruments, each specializing in measuring a specific aspect of this trifecta of human performance, to give organizations unequaled access to the knowledge they need to improve results.

"“My company was able to go from 3 employees to over 25 with increased revenue and profit by working one on one and in the peer group. Very grateful for the support and confidential meetings.”

J. Rodgers

“I was struggling with the decision to make an acquisition to expand my business. The peer group was very helpful in helping me with that decision and giving me very good tips in the process. It was a very successful move."

D. Ross

Is the Executive Roundtable right for you?

  • Do you feel like you're not performing at your best?
  • Are you working 65 to 70 hours a week and never getting over the hump?
  • Are you trying to expand but not exactly sure how?
  • Are you making decisions and not sure if they are the right ones?
  • Do you feel as though you're expected to have all the answers?
  • Do you feel like you're in this alone and deep down that it might be you that's the problem?
Jill Johnston

led by Jill JOhnsTon

  • Founder and CEO of a global high tech company
  • Took company from start up to over 16 million in less than 4 years
  • Made a highly successful acquisition of a competitive business unit
  • Facilities all over the world
  • Merged company with another global company before exiting
  • 30+ years of national and global sales experience
  • 20+ years of VP and Sr. Management experience
  • Certified Innermetrix Consultant