How would your leadership team assess the overall health of your organization?

Getting quantifiable, subjective feedback about your business from the inside out is crucial to every dimension of your business’ success.

The Organizational Health Checkup (OHC) is a diagnostic tool developed to help executives and business owners assess the overall performance of their organizations. The results, presented in the OHC Report, indicate the degree of current and future business vitality and sustainability, allowing you to quickly identify where your greatest opportunities exist and how to leverage them.

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  • Personal - How do the individuals in your organization feel about their work?
  • Employee Alignment – Is everyone driving for the same results that lead to profitability?
  • Personnel – How effectively do you lead people?
  • Team Effectiveness – How strong are your teams?
  • Leadership – How trusted and inspiring is your leadership?
  • Strategy & Planning – How comprehensive and secure is your strategy?
  • Customer Service – How loyal are your customers?
  • Sales & Marketing – Does your marketing pitch resonate and does your salesforce consistently achieve or exceed sales goals?
  • Operations – Do you run efficient and quality operations?
  • Cultural – How cohesive and beneficial is your workplace culture?
  • Management – How effectively do you manage tasks, time, meetings, and people?