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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Become an exceptional leader and model of success.



Words, in and of themselves, have no inherent meaning. That being said, the limit of success and fulfillment for any relationship or organization is directly tied to the effectiveness of its communication. During our communication workshop, participants learn how to build and maintain trust, navigate conflict and engage effectively with a diverse workforce.

Team Communication Workshop

Our team communication workshop focuses on a specific team of individuals. Before the workshop, each member will complete an ADVanced Insight Profile and the results used by our certified trainers to customize the workshop to your team. During the workshop, participants learn and understand the unique preferences, strategies and motivators within their team and how to effectively navigate interactions and conflicts.

Sales Training

Our Advanced Integrative Sales Training (Sales Magic) offers both a 10-Week Online Course and a Live Training Intensive. These can be taken individually or combined for maximize implementation and ROI.

Sales Magic utilizes advanced integrative psychology to enhance sales organizations' production and the results are guaranteed. Participants will learn how to build instant trust, engage a variety of audiences, discover clients needs, tailor every presentation using an established structure, overcome key objections and effectively close the sale. In addition, participants will learn strategies to mitigate their baggage and fear around sales and build their confidence and congruence in what they offer and who they offer it to.

By implementing the skills learned in this program, individuals and organizations will see a guaranteed improvement in their sales numbers.

Leadership Communication Workshop

The Leadership Communication Workshop is designed for Senior or C-Suite Leadership and their communication team. Prior to the workshop, each leader will complete an ADVanced Insight Profile and Organizational Health Check. Additionally, 360 Feedback Assessments will be dispersed to their teams along with a DISC+ Assessment to identify behavioral tendencies and personal motivators. During the workshop, participants will learn skills and strategies to effectively communicate with their organization and develop a communication strategy and development plan to enhance organizational effectiveness and improve corporate culture.

Emerging Leadership Development

Succession planning is key to longevity and growth in any organization. One of the challenges small to medium-sized companies face is attracting and retaining top talent and motivated leaders. Our Emerging Leaders Development Program is designed to provide personal and professional growth for those who show interest and potential as leaders within their organization. Combining masterminds, group coaching, individual assessments and personalized development plans, this program is guaranteed to engage your emerging leaders and will help develop them into the world-class leaders your organization needs.


ADVanced Insights Assessment

Learn how you communicate, your behavioral tendencies, natural talents and what motivates and drives you.


Learn how you communicate and what motivates and drives you.

Attribute Assessment

Learn what natural talents you possess based on how you think and make decisions.

DISC Assessment

Explore how you prefer to communicate, where you get your energy and your preferred behavioral styles.


Discover why you are motivated to use your talents based on your unique values and drivers.

Volume Assessments

Whether you are assessing a small team, workshop participants or an entire company; you can save time and money with our volume assessments.


360 Feedback

Learn how to get critical feedback from your colleagues, employees and manager to determine your next growth opportunity.

Organizational Health Assessment

Assess your business from the inside out to understand your greatest opportunities for success.