We offer the best assessment tools, training programs and prices in the industry.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, recruiter, coach or consultant, we have a volume assessment program to fit your needs. Our team of experts are available to help you choose the right assessments and ensure you use them most effectively.

  • Are you considering using assessments to help you hire the right employees?
  • Do you want cost-effective access to assessments for your team or entire organization?
  • Are you a coach, trainer, or consultant who wants to use assessments as a revenue stream to grow your business?

Our volume programs offer bulk and volume pricing. Discount pricing starts with as few as five assessments. For larger, ongoing volume needs, we offer cost-effective subscription options and guarantee the best prices in the industry. 

Volume discount pricing and subscriptions are available on the following assessments:

  • DISC Assessment
  • ADVanced Insights Assessment
  • DISC Plus Assessment
  • Attribute Assessment
  • Values Assessment

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