You may think you do, but trust me...

You don't know disc!

DISC and behavioral expert
Alex Aanderud

DISC measures behavioral tendencies.

I'd challenge you to find someone who acts the same 100% of the time.

I hear this all the time from our Mega Agent Clients:
"That's just her 'C' coming through..."
"I just need her to tone down her 'I' just a little bit."
"I'm so glad his 'S' is part of our team."
"He's just not behaving like the 'D' he is..."

This is the Problem with DISC

People look at it as a classification.  Many of the top training institutes for DISC teach that your profile is fixed and it never changes - which just isn't true.

Explore DISC as a spectrum.

This class will help you gain deeper insights into WHAT people's natural talents are, based on how they perceive their world, WHY they do what they do and HOW someone will tend to act based on those insights.


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Alex is a "Once in a lifetime" professional! I am truly blown away at Alex's capacity to take complexity and bring action around it. Whether it's helping people achieve success or solving business issues. Alex is a full blown hero for many businesses! He is a humble, giving soul that I would recommend to help my family or closest friend!

Bryan Arzani

President of Innermetrix North America

Alex has been an invaluable resource as we navigate our staffing process. We've attempted to find a perfect candidate in the past without Alex's tool kit and found it to be a very frustrating process. By utilizing his assessments and insight, the process has been streamlined and a much more positive experience.

Traci Kincaid

Founder and CEO of Cambium Consulting LLC

Alex Aanderud is a gifted teacher, coach and transformational leader. He's applied his talents and skills in a number of arenas and I'm so excited he's decided to put his attentions toward people development. I want to be the best I can be around Alex and I suspect others have the same experience. Do yourself a favor, if you have the opportunity to work with Alex, just do it!

Dr. Patrick Scott

Executive Vice President & Clinical Director at Heads Up Guidance & Wellness Centers of Nevada

You Don't know disc™ Level 1:
Introducing and Deep Diving Profiles

Gain a deeper insight into yourself and your team so you can improve your communication, enhance your results and maximize your profitability.

  • The Language of Profiles — By quantifying human performance, we are able to put a common language to behaviors, motivations and how people filter their world.  This language allows us to grow as leaders and improve the culture of our organizations.
  • Baggage in the DISC — Mental and emotional baggage creates inconsistent performance and drive.  Being able to identify potential baggage in the DISC profile will help you shape your interview questions and navigate challenging conversations as a leader.
  • Navigating Dynamic Filters — Our nervous system is bombarded by more than 2,000,000 bits of information every second.  Of that, we process 126.  This course will help you learn to better understand and navigate this deleted, distorted and generalized reality. 
  • Spectrum of Experience — Behavior is not fixed. People act and react differently based on mood, environment, stress and a variety of other factors.  Recognizing the spectrum of experience helps you better navigate your interactions in the moment
  • Understanding Intrinsic Motivators  — Motivation comes from a variety of sources, both internal and external.  Learning to tap into your team's intrinsic motivators allows you to motivate them from the inside out.
  • Communicating Using DISC and Values — Flexibility in communication is a foundational principle for effective leadership.  During this course, you will learn key phrases and strategies for communicating with a diverse workforce for improved performance and culture.


  • 5 ADV Profiles for Friends and Family
    Gain insight into those closest to you to help you understand them better and improve your communication.
  • Insights to Your Genius eCourse
    An hour long, high level overview of the profiles to get you prepped for the class.
  • Mastering the Art of Success eBook
    Learn from Mark Victor Hanson, Les Brown, Jack Canfield and Alex Aanderud, along with over 20 other successful entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of success.
  • $100 Towards Future Training
    Receive a voucher for $100 off a future training
  • Private Facebook Group
    Get access to a community of people interested in understanding themselves and others better while also getting tips, tricks, tools and lively discussion. 
  • 30-Minute Profile Debrief and Q&A
    In addition to keeping the classes small to make sure we can dive into each of the profiles you have, this program includes a personalized 1:1 profile debrief where you can get any additional questions answered


...and secure special scholarship pricing!

$1497   $497